Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Big oilcloth handbag fun!

The creative process can sometimes take a long time.  Other times it just flows. 

This time it just flowed.

So I went from this

To this in 24 hours. 

Talk about having big fun!

I kinda figured it out as I went along and I always make sure that I take copious notes of how I've made it so that I can always make something similar again.

The handles and interior were taken from a preloved tweedy skirt.  And the leatherette patches were from the dining room chair re-cover adventure from several years ago.

I used brand new antique gold-look magnetic snap fasteners to hold the top together.  Next time round I think I might put in a zip instead.  I love how I can tweak it every time!

There is actually a pocket in there too - I added a pack of tissues to illustrate where it is!

The oilcloth wasn't sturdy enough and did funny bendy things when it stood up so I added French seams to the sides and bottoms to give it extra strength.

And guess what?  It stands up all on its own now heh heh!


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