Sunday, 30 September 2012

Skirt + Sheet = Satchel (obviously!)

I discovered a skirt with the most amazing Hawaiian print on it.  As you do.  It's just one of those gut instinct things - see it/love it/know that it will come in handy.

I already had a blue/teal coloured sheet that I wanted to use and thought it would go perfectly with the skirt.

I found a satchel pattern.  Jolly handy that.

And bingo - I created a satchel!


I'm really rather chuffed with the way it turned out. 

There was enough skirt fabric to make the front pocket, the front and back/flap out of.  I think I even have enough left over to make something else!  For the rest of the satchel, I used the sheet.

The outside of the bag is quite structured thanks to a new-to-me extra super duper solid interfacing.  I didn't know that existed - it's surprising what you discover!

All of the metalwork was brand new - I might see if I can find some preloved clips/rings etc for the next version. 

I always like to follow the pattern to the letter when I first sew something to see what happens.  Next time I might tinker with it slightly.  I love having a play with the pattern!

It's expandable in every which way.  Perfect for school maybe?

And I've just found the picture of the original skirt so thought I would add that to the post too to keep it all in one place :)

Already onto the next project!



  1. Oh I love this one! Made me feel happy just looking at it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jennifer!

      It was from Lisa Lam's A Bag for all Seasons book.

  3. i love this , but how did you make the front pocket?

    1. Thanks Sara!

      It was 2 strips of fabric, sewn wrong sides together, turned inside out and sewn carefully to the front of the bag and the front of the pocket.

      Hope that makes sense!

  4. The two fabrics were made for each other. A fabulous bag, Selena!!!