Monday, 15 October 2012

Why 'Sew Selena'?

Up until 14 months ago I had pretty much ignored the ease with which I could sew and make things.  It was NOT somewhere I wanted to go or something I wanted to do, thank you very much. 

But by creating a single bag from a skirt because a) the skirt didn't fit and b) it was too beautiful not to keep, it began a chain reaction.

Things began to flow.  One skirt/bag became another.  I became more adept and had more fun by creating the next item.  And the next.  I set up a blog to keep track of what I was making as my items were going out into the world. 

After a while I needed a name that would encapsulate who *I* was and what I was doing.  But nothing felt quite right. Nothing felt quite 'me'.

And then it dawned on me.  What if I came up with a name to describe how I have embraced my
'me-ness'?  What if it could be 'So Selena' because it is part of who I am? 

Because it was actually ok to be who I am rather than being who I thought other people expected me to be.

I love working with fabric - the more unusual the better.  I love being able to create things from an existing item.  I love what I do.  I love every item that I make - they all tend to be an expression of who I am in one form or another.

And so it began - Sew Selena it was!

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