Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mowgli costume

This time last year, school was putting on a production of the Jungle Book.

I told them that I had some faux fur that might just make a good Mowgli costume.

So easy to make too - it was just a tabard sewn up at the sides!


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Gaping blouse solution

Ever have that gaping blouse problem?

Yep, me too!

No matter how you arrange it, you have always got one part of your bra on show.  Not always a good look.

I could have thrown it away (not my style)

Or used a pin (ouch)

But instead I used a teensy bit of velcro

And lo and behold - no more gaping problems!


Friday, 24 May 2013

Roses, roses, roses

Many moons ago I discovered a preloved rose print skirt which I just knew would come in really handy.

In the meantime my daughter decided she wanted to wear it for a year or so.  Which was fine.  I'm patient.  I knew I would get it back at some point!

So the time arrived.  My daughter returned the skirt.

She had already seen the clutch bag I made the other day and wanted something similar to take with her to the wedding tomorrow.

Ta dah!

I added a strap to this one.


And lined it with yet more skirt.  There wasn't a lot left over after I'd finished with it!

It's also padded and perfect for that little box of confetti and a lipgloss.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Being bold

I really can't get enough of big, bold patterns.  There's something so scrumptious about them.

So when I spotted some gorgeous fabric in Ikea a couple of years ago I earmarked it for future reference.  And yesterday, I eventually decided to just go buy some LOL!

But then, what was I going to do with it?

Decisions, decisions...

I find it really exciting when I see fabric with potential.  It's sort of like a sheet of white paper - so many things you can possibly do with it; so little time.

But I decided on an A-line skirt (well, to begin with anyway!).

With a side zip and button fastening.

I get to road-test it tonight for the first time.  Can't wait!

I have enough fabric left over to make at least one bag.  A satchel maybe, or a rucksack...

Time will tell!


Monday, 20 May 2013

Red leatherette and polka dots

Have you ever tried out a new technique and wanted to do it again straight away because it looked so effective?

Well, I did! 

Bows.  I now have a thing about bows!

So I found some really soft, supple red leatherette and added a polka dot bow.

I lined the bag with a polka dot lining.

And made it slightly roomier by giving it more definition at the bottom.

With this much red it's sure to turn a few heads!


Friday, 17 May 2013

Going to a wedding...

I'm going to a wedding next Saturday - talk about excited!!

I sorted out my dress many moons ago.  And my shoes.  But there was something missing...

...a bag!

I thought, I know, I'll have a look around this weekend and see what I can find in the shops.

And then it dawned on me.  What a doofus!  I can MAKE a clutch bag to carry my confetti/tissues/camera/keys...

But what to make it out of?  *Rifles through red fabric stash dramatically*

Aha!  Got it!  A preloved burgundy velvet scarf would look particularly wonderful.

So I cut and interfaced and padded and zipped and sewed my little heart out.  And this is the end result:


I lined it with red polka dot fabric.  I find that a girl can never have enough polka dots in her life!

So I'm even more excited about the wedding now!

And I also have a prom dress that I am considering making a similar clutch bag out of. 

I do so love it when you can keep your memories alive with fabric :)


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Launch of Sew Selena website!

At long last, the SewSelena website is now up and running!

Come on over and see what you think!!