Thursday, 25 October 2012

Seaside costumes

Some more dance costumes -

I was asked to make some old-fashioned seaside/bathing costumes - you know the ones, mop cap (actually, mob cap, but that's another story!), tie top and bloomers.  From the Victorian era or so my research showed me!

The most fun part was figuring out what sizes to make the costumes. They were to be designed for little ones and I was asked what measurements I would need in order to make them.  Now, if I have a pattern then that's easy peasy - all the hard work's done for me.  But I only had dimensions.  This was beginning to sound like a challenge!

I had a rough idea of what the costumes should look like so began with the easiest first - the mob cap. The inspiration and expertise behind the cap came from a book on how to sew clothes for your 5 year old. I added elastic to the hat in much the same way that elastic was added to the baby's bloomers in the book. 

Like everything - it's easy when you know how!

It's surprising how much fabric these caps take to make too!
Next I made some straight forward tie tops - again utilising the elastic and picoting at the bottom.

That's another thing I learned from this project - how to picot edges so that they don't fray. 

Again, easy when you know how!

And then came the bloomers.  I took a pair of kids shorts and resized them using baking parchment, made them slightly longer and then added the ubiquitous elastic and picoting at the bottom.

And this is what they looked like on!  I made 7 of them in total.

I loved working with pink gingham!

Were they fun to make? 


Did I learn loads of new skills that I can use next time?

I sure did!


Dancer photo reproduced with kind permission Kathryn Hurley Dance Academy
Copyright Rich McD

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