Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Felt bag - the creative process in action

I discovered a great way to make your own felt recently which I'll share in a future post.

I wanted to make a bag out of the felt I'd made.  The original idea was to make a completely vertical bag with a handle at the top.  But it was a little bit plain for my liking.

Because I didn't have a set idea of what the bag would look like, I thought I'd share the process that I went through to make the final bag.

So I tapered the sides and shaped the top.  But it looked too deep for me.

I added a lining of not-made-by-me contrasting felt which helped to strengthen the handles.

And then I thought, well, it's a bit plain, why not add a felt flower to the bag?

It was supposed to be a corsage that you could unpin and use separately.  But because the felt I'd made was so bloomin' thick, it just flopped and there was no way I would want to wear it like that on my coat!

I added a Sew Selena label, but because of the chunky felt it wouldn't stay straight so I removed it.  I had shortened the bag by that point though - it seems so much more proportionate now.

And then I wondered what the 'corsage' would look like on the front of the bag - not bad.  But not quite right.

But would it be better if it was on the side of the bag?  This didn't look quite right to me.

But when I added it to the other side I was happy.  That was it!

A close up picture of the extra-thick felted tweed - you can just see the original tweed in the middle of the felt.

It even has a straight label!

I'm happy now!


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