Thursday, 23 July 2015

Shaun in the city

It's been a bit quiet around here, lately.  You see, I wear lots of different hats.  And for a while, my Student Hat took over.  Which is fine.  Got the grade I was looking for.  But there was not a lot of room for creativity beyond essay writing.

Righto.  Now what?  Back to normality?  Not quite, but until it does, the sewing machine has made it back onto the table again!

So, a month or so ago I spotted a Shaun the Sheep duvet set in a charity shop.  It also had Wallace on the front of it.  Now, Shaun was born in Bristol.  Or so I believe.  And that's just where I come from so I have a bit of a soft spot for him.  Needless to say, the duvet came home with me until I could think of something to do with it.

Lo and behold I spotted this fabulous blog post on Destashification  for a boho sling bag.  After much sewing, stitching and ironing, this is how it turned out...

What was most fun was the placement of the main pictures.  As the outside is made of just one piece, there was much hilarity in trying to get the right person in the right place!

And the back had a Baa! and a few more Shauns on for good luck.

I really liked the base too.  It's made from a couple of layers of felt and a couple of layers of fabric.  To make it soft, but solid (if that makes sense!)  I loved the way the base was made.  Will definitely be utilising those skills in the future.  As for the picture, for some reason Gromit (Wallace's dog) was in a place with a gun.  This is therefore the gun that he was using.

And on the inside were many more Shauns :)  I added an internal pocket made from the exterior sky fabric.

Perfect for using on the @Shauninthecity trail around Bristol.  I've spotted 11 Shauns so far.  Only 59 more to baggsy before September!


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Reversible sunhat from dress

My daughter wore this dress to the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in our street - it was perfect!!

When she outgrew the dress I knew that I wanted to refashion it, but couldn't initially figure out what. So I waited for inspiration to strike...

Then it hit me.  A summer's hat...

But not just a summer's hat - a reversible summer's hat...

So now I can remember that celebration and keep the sun out of my eyes too!


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mad Hatter's cravat and hankie

The school already had a set of tails for the Mad Hatter, but they wanted to titivate it up with a cravat and a pocket handkerchief.

The brief was to make it out of some bright and cheerful fabric...

Easy peasy!  And he looked great too!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

A multitude of Flapper dresses

Would I make some Flapper dresses?

Well, of course, says I!

But there are going to be about 30 of them...

That's so not a problem!

The addition of fringing was discussed but we decided to add silver sparkle detailing to the dropped-waist, figure skimming dresses instead.

Like most of my costumes, velcro was added at the back for quick changes.

I made half in this style...

And the other half were made in green satin, with a slightly different silver trim and a bow on the hip.

The finished result...

One very happy dance school teacher!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wizard of Oz costumes

My local school asked for volunteers to do a bit of sewing for their production of the Wizard of Oz.

Well, of course, says I!

So I made some Emerald City curtains:

Fur armwarmers for the lion:

A mane:

Fur legwarmers:

And three skirts for the bad witches (in the vein of Medusa, so the skirt had to look like snakes...)

I went along to one of the performances and the youngsters were amazing!


Monday, 2 February 2015

No sew frilly blouse refashion

Blouses.  Wonderful garments, especially in a fab print, but not the best if they have a hugely unflattering frill down the front.  Like this:

Can't see it?  It's a bit like a dorsal fin.  Here's a better angle...

See what I mean?  Ample chests don't do too well with frilly blouses.

So I cut it off.  I mean, what did I have to lose, right?

And here is the result - so much better!


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Would I mind making an Alice in Wonderland costume for the local dance company?

Absolute no brainer - of course I would!

It began with a circular skirt...

I added a top (which had to be taken in a little with darts)...

Next I added a Peter Pan collar (this photo was taken pre-pressing - top tip - ALWAYS press your work LOL!)...

Puffy sleeves with a little gather...

Acres of Broderie Anglaise...  Always buy more lace/Broderie Anglaise than you think you will need, because you will need loads and loads of it, especially with a circular skirt!

All topped off with an apron...

I love how the more that I sew, the more that I know :)  All of the above costume was made with no pattern, just a few measurements from the dancer.

The dancer looked, and danced, beautifully!