Sunday, 7 October 2012

Golden Sanderson journal cover

Now I'm 100% happy with how to make padded journal covers, I've been making a lot of them!

This particular cover was created from a pair of Sanderson curtains that I discovered in a charity shop.  Recycling/upcycling at its best!  Why throw something away when you can give it a new lease of life as something else?

I like to make unique items so as I have already used the Sanderson fabric to make another journal cover, I used a different lining for this one.  The interior fabric came from a rather beautiful throw that I discovered one day.  I've used the middle of this throw as the interior in another project

I had fun trying to centre the interior flaps on a pattern and make sure they were up the right way because it wasn't always that obvious!

And of course it fits the journal it was designed to fit.



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