Saturday, 14 September 2013

Figuring out a small skirt to dress refashion

I spotted a skirt in the sale.  It was very long, very plain and very French Navy, which just so happens to very *me*. 

Now, normally I would be making a dress into a skirt, so this was a first for me - doing it the other way around!


The skirt itself was 3 sizes too small for me.  But, as it was slightly gathered under the waistband, I knew that there was more fabric to play with once unpicked and that it would fit once I'd finished cutting and sewing.

I could *see* the dress waiting to come out!

This was one of those 'I have to make this now and I will figure it out as I go along' kinda projects.

I began by cutting off the waistband which exposed plenty of fabric, as I knew it would.  I then grabbed a vest top to use as a pattern for the armholes.  And cut those out too.  I sewed up the shoulder seams and tried it on for fit.  It was definitely starting to look like a dress!

I fancied making it an empire line dress so asked my daughter to draw a line across my tummy while I was wearing the dress.  I bravely cut the bottom off then gathered both top and bottom and sewed them back together again!

Except I hadn't taken into account the fact that the 'dress' was wider than the vest top leading to an excess of fabric along the sides.  No matter, I can figure it out.  So I tapered the side of the bodice THEN sewed them back together.

I'd heard about people stay stitching necks and armholes before adding binding, so that is what I did.  After making my own bias binding from some lovely cream and French Navy heart and polka dot fabric, I bound the armholes and neckline and then tried it on again.  The stay stitching drew in the excess fabric around the neck beautifully.  The armholes are now a little tight, but I can redo those no problem!

I added some ties and a belt (in that order!) primarily to cover up the join in the fabric, but thought it looked good too.  I then added tie loops to prevent the ties from slipping out of position.

And then the back was finished too!

Now I just need some warmer weather to wear it in!  Pah!  I can wear a shrug over the top, that'll be fine - clothes need to be warn after all!


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