Friday, 28 September 2012

Forays into applique

I applied to be on a television sewing programme here in the UK.  When filling out the application form I was surprised at what I *did* know - I could pretty much say I'd tried my hand at every aspect of sewing.

But there was one section that I'd not tried before - applique.  So that was to be the focus of my next project.

I used the lime green linen skirt as the outer fabric

and added the pink almost-tie-dye-but-not skirt to the front.  It was lined with an offcut of pink fabric that I already had.

It took a couple of attempts before I was happy with the applique but it looks like I can tick that one off my list too!

 I love using such vibrant colours together!

And I just know that it will be the perfect journal cover/book cover for somebody out there!


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