Thursday, 20 September 2012

Leatherette handbags and all that

I had some leatherette leftover from covering the dining room chairs - it was too good to waste so I set about making something out of it.

I wanted to make a bag so I discovered a preloved silky top to use as a lining and put them together.
And I just knew that the leatherette was going to be super resilient.

I just went with the flow to make this one.  Small bag - check.  Handle - check.  Tab - check.  Lining - check.


I added a magnetic snap to the tab and used preloved O rings for the handles.

Ah, the handles LOL!  I had a go at making the handles with the leatherette.  But that meant sewing through maybe 8 layers of thick leatherette with my sewing machine.  My machine decided she wasn't having any of it so I opted to use the lining to add a smattering of colour to the outside of the bag instead.

I had loads of fun putting this together!

It's also got a bottom on it so that you can put more things into it.  My kind of bag!

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