Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lunchbag recipe

I'm not sure why but sometimes I confuse the colours pink and orange.  I know that it's pink but my brain says 'orange'!

In the same way I sometimes use the words 'patterns' and 'recipes' interchangeably.  So I thought I'd devise a little recipe for making a lunchbag:


- floral vinyl tablecloth
- clear vinyl
- thread
- velcro
- time
- stitch unpicker


Cut up floral tablecloth to desired size and then make handles and strap

Add a sprinkling of velcro to keep the strap secure and the sides from gaping open

Using copious quantities of thread and time, mould the tablecloth into a lunchbag

Repeat for clear vinyl lining

Insert lining into outer and secure with yet more thread

If at any time you are unhappy, use the stitch unpicker - it's very therapeutic

When you are 100% satisfied with your creation, go and make yourself a cup of tea - you deserve it!


And here is one I prepared earlier:


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