Friday, 21 September 2012

A journal cover story

I've been tinkering with my journal cover pattern lately.

I knew there must be an easier way to make them.  I knew that if I kept on playing that I would eventually stumble across a solution.

So I got some paper out and had a play - very technical stuff!

And then I got some scrap fabric, labelled it and had another play.

Then I used some actual preloved fabric because I thought I'd sussed out how to make it.

Ahem.  It would appear not!  (Never fear, I'm going to remake this one!)

But I didn't give up.

I tried one last time.

And looky here - it not only worked but I'm really pleased with how it turned out!!

I knew there was an answer in there somewhere LOL!

This cover was made from a preloved tea-towel that I fell in love with!

Now, at first glance it may not look much different to any of the other covers I've created.  But I am now 100% happy with it rather than 99.5%.  And that 0.5% makes a big difference to me!

So now I've updated my pattern instructions and I have cut out lots of fabric and I'm looking forward to having more fun with them!


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