Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hot air balloon shopper

I have a thing about hot air balloons.  Every time I see one I have to go outside and just watch it float past.

Perhaps it's the way they soar seemingly effortlessly across the blue sky. 

Perhaps it's the colours. 

Perhaps there doesn't have to be a reason.

So can you imagine how excited I was when I discovered a hot air balloon tablecloth?

Well, I had to make something out of it, didn't I? 


So I made a shopper.

What I like about it is how sturdy it is, being vinyl tablecloth and all.  It can carry pretty much everything that you want to put in it.  Everything!

The handles are doubled up so that they are more comfortable to hold.

And the inner seams are taped to provide extra strength and a neater finish.

I'm planning on making either a backpack or a flight bag from hot air balloons at some point. 

Watch this space!

And perhaps one day I might even go up in one!

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