Thursday, 8 December 2011

King's horses and King's men

Humpty.  Someone we all remember from childhood, right?

So I had a go at making one. 

I chose to use preloved fabric - because that's what I love doing.  His head and hands are made from a velour towel so he's really soft.  Meanwhile his shirt and arms are made from my daughter's school dress (well, I'm sure she would have grown out of it by next summer anyway!).  His brown cord trousers are made from the same fabric that I used to create the dog coat.  And everything else is made from felt including his boots.

 He looks even more impressive when he's sitting on the stairs as his knees are sewn ensuring that he can bend them and sit up straight properly!

But when he takes a tumble the velcro on his arms and legs ensures that 3 year olds can play out the nursery rhyme over and over.

I think those King's horses and King's men may have their work cut out - poor thing!


  1. Selena, this is awesome! :) You are so talented!

  2. Awww, thanks Heidi! I'm just having big fun right now! x