Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tots fleece dress

Libraries.  Not somewhere I would normally associate with inspiration for making children's clothes.  But when I found one particular brand new book I was jumping up and down with excitement as I knew the perfect little girl I could make something for!

There were pattern pieces in the back but I had to tear them out to trace the one that I needed.  And as I was the first person to take the book out I thought it best to ask.  So off I go to the library again just to double-check that it was ok to tear something out of a book (sacrilege!) 

They were more than happy.

The pattern itself was for a girl's summer dress.  But I wanted something that she could wear this time of year when it's a little brrrrrrrrrrrrrr-y.

What better fabric than fleece?

I fell in love with the fleece hearts on this brand new blanket.  See, why should it be used as a blanket when there's a perfectly beautiful dress just waiting to get out?

It was lined with some fleece from the pyjama bottoms I made a while back to make it into a reversible dress.

Two looks for the price of one!

I cut out a flower and appliqued it to the front, added some satin bias binding to the bottom and it was done!

The ties do up at the top of the dress to keep it on.

I do hope it's long enough though!  But even if it isn't, I could probably convert the ties to either button holes or snap fasteners. 

I'll let you know!

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