Thursday, 22 December 2011

Berries bag

When I see some fabric with potential that I love, it doesn't matter whether it comes from a skirt, dress or fleece blanket, I just have to have it and use it to create something delicious that I'd love to use myself.

So when I found a preloved burgundy cord skirt it just had to come home with me (I have a thing about cord).  I could look past the mumsy-ness of it and see a bag waiting to get out.

And then I thought, why stop at a cord skirt - why not pair it with some fabric from a dress that I already have (which was far too small when I bought so I converted it into a skirt and wore for ages!)

So I did.

I made a saddle bag out of it.

The O rings came from an existing bag that I had but no longer loved.

The frill was created from cutting off the very bottom of the dress/skirt (above).  So much easier than cutting some fabric and turning a tiddly little hem!

The interior was created from an off-cut of a pair of curtains.

The bag itself is expandable with poppers to let it out if need be.

Or keep it small and petite if desired.

I can't wait for my next project now!

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