Sunday, 8 January 2012

More lunch bags!

I never realised what a huge array of differently coloured and patterned vinyl tablecloths there were available - a whole new world of 'fabric' out there just waiting to be utilised!

So I made a couple more lunch bags - tweaking the design a little here and there as I went.

Every time I create something, I always make a note of how I've made it in the event that I want to make another one.  You should see all my scribbles for this design LOL!

 This lunch bag was made a bit larger than my previous design in order to accommodate a specific lunchbox.

New to this design is a wipe clean inner - the tablecloths, by their very nature are kinda soft and fluffy on the inside.  Not really conducive to leaky tuna mayo.  Not that this one should tip up, mind you, but just in case.

I also made an orange and white lunch bag too.

Told you there was a lot of different tablecloths out there!

Velcro on the top of the sides prevent the bag from gaping.  I learned that one as I went along!

And with a lunchbox inside.


  1. OMG - I LOVE these Selena. Especially the top one - I am such a sucker for flowers. How much are these? I think I want to save up for one...