Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thai silk adventures

I discovered a really gorgeous irridescent orange silky shirt (not sure of the technical name!) recently.

Because I love to know how things are constructed, I was looking at the seams and thinking how beautifully it was made.

I then spotted the name tag - Mike & Co Tailor - a company that I'd never heard of before. I googled it and it was made in a bespoke tailor in Hua Hin in Thailand where they use only the most sumptuous of fabrics including silk.

I checked out Thai silk and you can tell how 'pure' it is by burning a few threads.  If it burns and smells like pork scratchings then it's pure silk LOL!  So I tested it out and it is definitely the real thing.

And it's not orange silk; it's a combination of pink and yellow threads which makes it look like orange.  How do I know?  I pulled a small portion of it apart :)

I don't know as I have the heart to cut it up and make it into a lining for a clutch bag now - I do love the history behind these items of clothing though - where has it been, who ordered it, how did it end up in my town?

I think that's why I like working with preloved fabric so much - they are not off a bolt in a fabric shop, so you can pretty much make unique items with them.

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