Friday, 2 September 2011

Following instructions - green scoop top

It distinctly said 'recommended material: jersey'. 

Well, that means 'stretchy' doesn't it?  I'll just use some stretchy material (it had the required 'stretch') - so what if it also says 'suiting'.  What do pattern manufacturers know anyway?

Um, as it happens, quite a bit.

I followed the scoop top pattern religiously but nothing in this world will make it look any less voluminous than it did.  To be honest I was worried about taking off in a strong gust of wind.

I refused to give up.  There had to be something I could do with it. 

I thought about ungathering the back seam to make it lie flatter.  But what I decided to do in the end was unpick the bottom from the top, cut off about 8" from the side, regather it and then sew it back up again. 

And it worked!

Perhaps I'll pay attention to the instructions next time LOL!


  1. Selena, have you thought about sharing the whole process of creating an outfit ? I would be very interested in seeing pictures, step by step , if that's all right with you.

  2. Hi Daniela

    Now that's a fantastic idea :)

    What sorts of outfit are you interested in?

  3. whatever you like :) ; a top, a bag, a skirt , it would be interesting to see how they come to life :).