Friday, 30 September 2011

Bucket bag from a skirt and dress

I do love a good bucket bag - it's one of those designs that you can put anything into and it always looks good.

This is the last of the preloved skirt fabric that I have so there are now only two in existence. 

 I don't like making two things the same so I used different fabric for the base and inner of the bag.

The inside fabric was taken from a girl's polka dot dress.  As it had a pocket on the side of the dress I added that to the inside too.


  1. Selena your bags are gorgeous. I think that whoever buys one is doing a magnificent deed and will receive a wonderful treasure. I've never been much into handbags and seeing yours could change any tomboy's mind :)

  2. Hi Mariah - wow, thank you :)

    I never used to be into bags either, it just kinda happened one day and now I love the artistry of putting together fabrics, patterns and textures - especially with preloved fabric.

    I've just started selling them so watch this space LOL!


  3. Hi, Selena. Just stopping by to let you know I linked to your post today on Life with Penny and Lint. Have a wonderful weekend!