Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Make - make-up bag

I had this embroidered brown cord skirt that I loved but didn't wear very often.  I didn't want to throw it away so I decided to see if I could create something special out of it; something that I would use more often. 

This is the make-up bag that I came up with:

I cut around the embroidery so that there was enough of a gap for the seam. 

I cut two, one a little smaller than the other for the front. 

I also found a matching scarf for the lining.  Using the pieces I'd already cut out as a template, I made two of those too.

As the scarf was so, um, scarf-like, I added some interfacing to the back of it to ensure it had a little more body.

I put both pieces right sides together and sewed around the sides and bottom.  I left a small gap at the top so that I could finish off the edges later on.

Before I turned it right side out I carefully cut into the seam allowance with scissors so that it would lie flat once it was the right way round. 

I then turned over the raw edges of both pieces and pinned them:

Once I'd turned over and pinned both inner and outer edges, I then put one inside the other with one set of pins:

Once pinned, I sewed around the flap and top edge of the bag:

Added a popper:

 And did it up!

It's so much more useable now!

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  1. very beautiful and elegant make-up bag !:)
    thank you for sharing the making of it.