Saturday, 17 September 2011

Roll-up pencil case

I loved the idea of a roll-up pencil case so set about making one.

First, take one sheet of A4 paper and draw round it on a piece of fabric (curtain fabric is ideal)...
then round off the corners...
that's about as technical as the pattern making got.

I quilted the lining fabric (a skirt lining) and added a partition for several pencils.  To do that I inserted a pencil into the lining and using a zipper foot just sewed nice and close alongside it.  At least I know they fit!

I finished it off with shop-bought (gasp!) bias binding around the edges.

And added a piece of matching ribbon to the back to tie it up with. 

I also learned how to prevent ribbon ends from fraying by melting them! 

One completed roll-up pencil case:

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