Thursday, 6 December 2012

More journal covers!

I'm loving making journal covers right now!

The covers are designed to fit the Radiant Recovery Your Body Speaks journal (or a book of a similar size). All of the covers are softly padded to protect its precious cargo. And every single one is unique. I never make two the same.

The vast majority of the covers are created from preloved fabric - I love using preloved fabric as it not only gives new life to a piece of fabric that might otherwise not have a home, but the fabric tends to have more unusual patterns than you can generally get from a fabric shop. Texture, pattern and heritage are important to me!

I've even made some journal covers from faux fur too for a bit of fun!

Some journal covers have one magnetic snap fastening while others have two to allow for two books to be covered - you may like to have a diary or notebook in there too to keep the journal company!

Here are the latest creations...

Poppies Journal Cover:
I fell in love with the fabric for the Poppies journal cover as soon as I saw it.  It was created from a skirt that was refashioned into a child's swing top for a while.  It has also been used as a bucket bag.

It's one of those fabrics that always brightens my day whenever I see it.

Created from a preloved skirt (which was also used for a bag and the appliqued 'Joy' journal cover) and some satin. The sense of connection is important to me - how one piece of fabric is connected to another, maybe across the world.

Created from a fabulous pair of two-tone curtains that shimmer in the sunlight. This fabric was also used to create a tunic top that is sitting in my wardrobe.

Oranges and Lemons:
I discovered a beautifully lacy top that was begging me to take it home.  There was such a pretty pattern on it!  Whilst the lace was used to trim my apron, the remainder was refashioned into this adorable journal cover.

I found a gorgeous preloved patchwork skirt on one of my forays into a charity shop.  This was one of the first journal covers I'd made as I was still perfecting my technique back then!  After much tinkering and unpicking it became the Patchwork journal cover! 

The patchwork itself was from an a-line skirt which flared softly giving the resulting journal cover its characteristically quirky asymmetrical appearance.

Pink butterfly:
I just adore butterflies! They are so symbolic, aren't they?  This Pink Butterfly cover was created from a preloved top and some satin. 

I hadn't appliqued anything before - but decided to put the fabric from the Razzmatazz bag (and now journal cover) to good use again.  Created from two skirts discovered in the same shop on the same day, these colours were meant to be together!

Happy Days:
Happy Days was created from a fabulously printed tea-towel.  Another one of those patterns that brightens my day just by looking at it!  Happy Days was teamed with a red cotton lining for yet more colour.

Baroque was created from a preloved throw which was love at first sight for me.  Its three stripes harmonise effortlessly and the gold lining is from the same throw.  Sometimes you just have to be a bit decadent, don't you?

Flocked journal cover:
Made from a flocked leatherette which was a planned-over from a previous project, this sturdy cover will protect your journal like no other!  It is lined with the same gold lining as the Baroque (above).


And a lot of fun was had with faux fur journal covers...

Big Cat:
This short furred journal cover is wonderful for all those moments when you want sleek design and something tactile.  Big Cat is lined with gold satin from the ubiquitous throw.

This chunky fur journal cover is lined with felt and sure to become a talking point!  Not a journal cover to be hidden away!

Brown Bear:
Another chunky journal cover - a good way to give your journal a hug.

And there are more in the pipeline too!


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