Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Blue silk journal cover

London.  December. 2012.  Lunch with friends.  Charity shop.  Blue silk top.  Preloved.  Yum!

French designer top, no less.

Suitably purchased.  Everyone happy.

Bias binding from the neck used on a caftan.

Majority used on a journal cover.

100% silk cover.

100% cotton lining.

From the lining of the top.

Perfect colour combination :)


The new recipient of the journal cover asked me if I could add a pen holder to the cover. 

So I used the sizing ribbon from the silk top and added it into the seam (I do love using as much of the original garment as possible!).

With the pen in place it does look to me as if the journal cover is giving the pen a big hug!



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