Monday, 17 December 2012

Caftan capers (or is it kaftan kapers?)

I love making something that I've never made before.  Why?  For the pure challenge of it; and the experience AND because it's fun and incredibly satisfying!

So when I was asked to make a caftan I jumped at the chance.  I was loaned an original and asked to make something similar.

This is how the creative process worked...

Make pattern

Figure out the 'how to make it' from the beginning involving much visualisation of caftan components

Find sheet

Use the sheet to make a mock-up of the caftan without lining it (that will come later)

Compare mock-up with original

Tweak pattern - add a bit here, remove a bit there (the sleeves I'd made were FAR too voluminous!)

Cut out new cotton fabric whilst holding ones breath (it was precious fabric and I so wanted to get it right!)

Add some preloved silk and cotton from a French designer top purchased on a recent trip to London

Tweak and tweak some more

When happy, add the bias binding from around the top of the designer top to the neck of the caftan (why make binding when there is the perfect sized bias in the perfect colour already there?!)

Trim sleeves with more silk

And there you have it - one completed, lined caftan which I believe is off on holiday pretty soon with its new owner!



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