Saturday, 29 December 2012

Denim jacket to satchel refashion

I absolutely adore refashioning items with a history (or should that be story?) into something wonderful and new.

So when I was asked to refashion an original Levi's denim jacket which had been embroidered by the owner's wife-to-be half a century ago, I jumped at the chance.  Sure, it was a little tentative - what if it went wrong?  You certainly can't get another one of these! 

And that is the beauty of sewing for me - to produce unique items which capture a moment in time for somebody else. 

We agreed that it would be made into a satchel.

The front of the jacket was embroidered with a rainbow and had a branch on the lapel.

While the back had a ram emblazoned on it.

I looked for some fabric to line the soon-to-be satchel.  Nothing seemed 'right' to me.  Then I remembered that I had a denim shirt from the same lady that I could use - and it would tone really well.

Before even thinking about cutting into the jacket, I had to plan where each part was going to go.  I figured that the ram from the back panel was to go on the back and along the top of the satchel.

The front of the satchel was created from part of the sleeve - I thought it looked good with the seam running down it.

Try as I might, there was not enough 'satchel' to incorporate the rainbow.  So I placed it in the front pocket.  Well, the best things in life are hidden until you realise they are there, aren't they?

And of course that meant that the pot of gold was in there too using applique.

I had a bit of luck with the side of the front pocket - it appeared that the waistband of the jacket was the precise width that I needed.  So that was incorporated too; press studs and all - I do so love retaining as much of the original item as possible.

The Ralph Lauren shirt was used for the interior, the interior pocket and the strap and side-release buckle tabs.

The strap itself together with the satchel gusset was made from a pair of jeans.

And the branch was appliqued onto the top of the satchel.

One embroidered denim jacket satchel!

One fabric memory :)



  1. You have done an awesome job turning the jacket into a satchel!!! I'm with you; I like to incorporate as many of the original features as I can. I would love you to share this at our Ongoing Link Party that's just for Refashioning Denim...

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