Monday, 16 January 2012

Oilcloth tote

I haven't used oilcloth before. 

It always struck me as being a bit tricky to work with and a bit on the expensive side to just play around with so when a friend asked me to make a tote out of oilcloth I said 'sure, no problem!'

With the addition of a non-stick sewing foot, larger stitch length and a bit of imagination, here's what I created:

And it's huge - plenty of room for whatever you should possibly want to carry in there!  It has a longer than average handle so that it can be carried as a shoulder bag if need be.

And interestingly it wasn't tricky to sew at all, just a little bit of TLC needed together with a go-slowly warning and it worked like a dream.

I've taped the interior seams to give them extra strength and durability too.

I've also road-tested it and it was able to carry the entire number of cans in our cupboards (17) with ease. 

So that's approximately 17 lots of 400g = very heavy!

Those seams aren't going anywhere!

I've been a little reluctant to post it here as it's missing something really important - a Sew Selena label.  I'm in discussions with a graphic designer as we speak... 

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