Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Grace lunchbags

I have a thing about lunchbags. 

Actually, I have a lot of 'things' about a lot of things!

The reason I made it? 

I couldn't find a lunchbag that would keep a tupperware container up the right way. 

So I made one.

Why a lunchbag?

I take my lunch with me here, there and everywhere.  Being able to do the food on the go is really important to me.  And a bit of floral styling never went amiss either!

So I put the versatility of oilcloth to good use by creating the Grace lunchbag:

The inside has been lined with clear vinyl tablecloth to make it not only easier to clean but also to make it much stronger.

And I've used velcro to fasten the top and sides to keep everything exactly where it should be!

I made this bag for a friend but I can't wait to make one for myself now!

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