Friday, 8 November 2013

We're off to see the Wizard... more costumes!

Did I ever tell you I loved making costumes??  Yeah, thought I did!

My local school was putting on a production of the Wizard of Oz and I wanted to get involved.  I was given the opportunity to make two sets of costumes and a pair of emerald curtains.

The production was to be a funky version so the Wicked Witch was to be played by 3 girls simultaneously in a Medusa-esque guise.  The spec for the skirts was that they had to be floaty and look as though they were made from black, silver and green snakes.

It wasn't easy to source the snakeskin fabric but I came up trumps with some fabulous lycra and then found some chiffon too.  The strips of fabric were added to an elastic waistband and were to be worn over a black lycra bodysuit.

Here is one of the final skirts:

I went along to one of the performances and I thought that the skirts worked really well.  The singing and acting (and American accents!) were amazing - I do hope some of those teens decide to pursue that avenue in the future.

I also made a furry chest piece, arm and leg-warmers for the Lion.  She was awesome!!

The leg and arm-warmers had Velcro on them to make sure they stayed on and the front piece had gold ribbon ties to secure it.

And here's the fabric I chose for the curtains:

I do so love being given a concept and being able to use creative license with it.

If anyone else needs any costumes you know where I am LOL!


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