Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pink polka dot dance costume

Dance costumes.  I just love making them!  Well, any costumes really!

So when I was asked to make a dropped waist lycra dress costume for a Competition dance, I jumped at the chance.

I was given the idea for the dress together with measurements and off I went!

I made a first version for fit and asked the dancer to pop round for a fitting.  Everything about it fit perfectly first time - even the length!

So I continued on to make the final version and this is how it turned out:

And the back view:

The ruffle added a final touch and, because it was lycra, the binding was easy to apply with no rucks in the fabric. 

The sleeves were slightly puffy.  And the bottom of the sleeve was easy to make as I could follow the dots to ensure it was straight.  You can't beat working with polka dots!

And the best bit?

I received a text during the interval of Les Miserables to say that the dancer had taken first place in the Competition.  I was so pleased for her!

And yes, I was checking out the costumes at Les Mis - only fleetingly, mind you, because the performances outshone any clothing.


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