Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Les Miserables pins

Les Miserables needs no introduction.  Both myself and my daughter adore it!

So for a joint birthday present I bought tickets for us to go to London and watch it at the Queen's Theatre. 

It was a long old journey to get there - 2.5 hours by coach to be precise.  So I packed some fabric, thread, mini scissors and brooch backs (along with lots of food!) and we were off!

I had had this idea of making Les Miserables pins for us both to wear.  And sure enough, despite bumpy motorway and constant looking out of the window for Heathrow plane spotting we made them with ease. 

And sure enough the time flew past!


I wore mine in my hair and my daughter wore hers on her red and white polka dot skirt.

Oh, and as for the show itself, well, what can I say?  Not only do we love the music but my daughter is a huge Carrie Hope Fletcher fan (Carrie plays Eponine). 

And guess who received a wave at the end of the show??  Yes, you've guessed it; so I had one VERY happy daughter!!  Mind you, I had managed to secure front row seats and my daughter WAS wearing a Hopeful t-shirt (Carrie's t-shirt). 

So to say that we enjoyed the day is the biggest understatement ever!!


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