Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sequinned boho slouch bag - from a skirt!

How can you not love a boho slouch bag?  So darned versatile and they look great too!

Here is my latest creation...

If you have a close look at the petals and base of the flower, you can see the sequins that catch the light beautifully.

The bag is lined with red and white polka dot fabric which also has a magnetic snap fastening.  You really can't beat polka dots for adding something special to any bag.

And this is the preloved skirt that the fabric came from.  Can you see why I bought it?


It just had to be rescued and transformed!!

Now, if you're really clever (ok, lucky!) when cutting out the fabric, you might just find that the sides of the bag match up too!  Hehe!  I love it when that happens :)

Righto, onto my next project...


  1. Cute skirt, and now cute bag! Or is it Sew Cute?

  2. Gorgeous fabric and an adorable bag! Fabulous refashion! =O)

  3. Adorable! Can you post a tutorial? I have the perfect skirt to transform!