Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Another oilcloth lunchbag makes its debut...


We all need them.

And there's something really stylish about oilcloth.

So put them together and here is the latest Sew Selena designed lunchbag creation.

I don't get bored with using oilcloth because it gives such wonderful results.

Mind you, you have to make sure you know where you're going to sew because you really only get one chance - there's no unpicking with oilcloth because it makes holes that will be there for ever more.

 The sides have velcro on them to keep them from splaying open at inopportune moments.

It also has a strap fastening to keep errant sandwiches in their place.

It's really quite spacious in there.

Lined with clear PVC to make it easier to deal with spillages.

 I haven't made a lunchbag for a while now so it's always interesting to revisit my notes on how to make them.  After much tweaking I'm pretty happy with this design.


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