Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What to do with a skirt that doesn't fit?

We all have them.

Clothes that no longer fit.

Or didn't fit in the first place but you loved them sooooooo much and they were such a bargain that you bought them anyway. 


So I bought a skirt.  Loved, loved, loved it!  But it was a bit tight at the top. 

Hey, minor detail!

As it was so long, I just cut off the top portion and added a waistband.  Ta dah!


Then one day I tore a huge hole in the side of it.  I didn't even realise until I put my hand through it!

But how to mend it?

There are probably loads of different ways, but this is what I chose (because it was my own skirt and I was happy with it - although, I'd probably do it differently if somebody else asked me to mend their own torn skirt)

I took some interfacing and ironed it on the reverse, making sure to get all the torn ends neatly together on the front.

Then I used a matching thread and just zigzagged over the top of the hole to keep the edges together.

And this is what it now looks like on the outside of the skirt.

The skirt itself is so 'busy' that it really isn't noticeable.


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