Friday, 10 August 2012

Sew Selena: One Year On

It's surprising what can happen in a year.

One year ago today I set up a sewing blog to keep track of all the projects and refashions I had done.

Well, if I was going to give them to other people then I wanted to ensure that I had a record of what I'd made.  I haven't blogged everything mind you, some things were thrown away before I could 'capture' them on my blog.  No worries.  I still have the experience of making them.

Nearly one hundred posts later I'm still at it.  It looks as though it wasn't a flash in the pan after all!

I can distinctly remember how I used to despise sewing when I was at school.  Even my old school friends have reminded me of that one!  You won't catch me sewing, it's far too girly.  But I slowly remembered that underlying sense of satisfaction that being creative gave me. 

Mostly I think about the complete joy that creating something with my own hands gives me.  And finding different ways to use fabric.  I have far more fun making things with preloved fabric!

Within four months I had set up my own small business - Sew Selena.  I never dreamt it would be possible to do that.  Never.  But it felt right.

Thanks for being with me on this journey!

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