Monday, 16 July 2012

Razzmatazz bag

Two days ago I went into a charity shop and nearly jumped up and down at one particular skirt that I discovered there -

Can you see why?

It's utterly vibrant with all the gorgeousness of, well, something really gorgeous!!   And I fell in love with it.

While I was there I spotted another skirt that I thought might come in handy - it's a lime green linen skirt. 

It just so happened to go really well with the pink skirt!  What are the chances, eh?!

So what have I been doing since Saturday?

Creating another bag of course!!

Did I follow a pattern?  Nope!  With so little fabric available it was nigh on impossible to follow a pattern so I decided to wing it.  The amount of fabric in half of the pink skirt would have to dictate the dimensions and style of the bag.  I have journal plans for the other half...

So I got my graph paper out.

And drew and measured and measured and drew.

After much designing and sewing, this is what I conjured up:

As you can see the lime and cerise were made to go together.

The bag itself is softly padded.

With comfy padded, two-tone straps.  I had much fun figuring out how to make double-sided handles - and now I know!!

I love playing with colours so I used the pink as the interior top band and used the lining from the lime skirt to line the bag.

I also added an internal pocket and magnetic snaps to finish it off.

Have I kept my design details?  You betcha!  I might make a pattern for this - what do you reckon?

Ok, back to my orders!


  1. That is really interesting. You are a very talented blogger.Really looking forward to read more.

  2. Where did you get your cute name tags on the front of the purse?


    1. Hi Missy - I ordered them from Tanners Woven Labels in the UK - they're fab aren't they?!

  3. Love your labels. Are they printed or woven? And where did you get them? They really add a finished touch to your bag!

    1. Thanks Nancy - they are woven and I got them from a fabulous label company in the UK!

  4. Great colour combo! Can't wait to see what you make from the rest of the pink skirt :-)