Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Another use for brocade curtains...

You know how it is.  You spot a curtain shop that you haven't been to in a while so it would be rude not to go in and have a look at their fabric, right?  Right.  Exactly!

So that is what I did.  And I discovered two fabulous, fabulous pieces of fabric.  I could see lots of potential in them so I bought both of them there and then.

And this is the resulting fabric adventure...

I just knew that the sumptuous brocade fabric would look positively divine as the outside of a bag. 

With very long straps...

I love how the sun reflects off the gold thread.

The interior of the bag was made with the second fabric which I think goes perfectly with it! 

It's amazing how many times I find two pieces of matching fabric in the same shop at the same time!

In keeping with the gold theme I added a golden magnetic snap.

And made an internal pocket with the piece of fabric I cut out from the top of the bag. 

It's lined with the inner fabric and the cuff of the pocket was set at a jaunty angle for a bit of fun!

One of the most surprising parts of making this particular bag happened when I came to make the straps.  Each strap was made from two pieces of outer fabric which were sewn together down the middle.  Something I noticed after I had completed the bag was that I had cut the fabric so well that it matched all the way down the centre of the straps. 

This is where some might say 'I meant it to do that' but I say 'wow, that was lucky wasn't it - I'll look out for that again LOL'!

A girl can never have too many bags!


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