Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to prevent your items falling out of your bag on the plane

I love finding solutions with sewing.

Some of my favourite creations have been answers to questions:

- how do I make a lunchbag that will keep my food upright
- how do I refashion a top or skirt into a bag
- which fabric should I choose in order to lengthen a skirt 

So here's another solution that I found. 

Every time I fly I always use this much loved bag as my inflight bag. 

It's huge and there are so many pockets and zips on it you can cram pretty much everything that you need into it.

But there was one slight problem.

The top gaped open and I wanted to be able to go on a plane and not have the contents of my bag spill out and roll around onto the floor.

Soooooo, I added a zip top to it.

But when I road-tested it, the zip top kept rising up which would allow the contents out again.

Ok, back to the drawing board...

Solution #2:

I added velcro to the sides of the bag and the zip top.

This time it worked!

And it worked perfectly as I've just taken it with me to America!


  1. You are so incredibly creative!! What an amazing solution. I, too, have similar issues with things coming out of favorite bags.

  2. Thank you Heather! I had big fun converting the bag!