Sunday, 1 September 2013

Grease is the word the word, is the word...

Inspired by the musical Grease, my daughter asked for a red and white polka dot circular skirt.

Why, of course I'll make one, I cried!

I could have just hemmed the bottom of the skirt but wanted to add white bias binding to make it stand out more.  I'm in two minds whether or not to add some gathered net to the bottom too - time will tell!

I initially wanted to make the skirt from one piece of fabric but I didn't have enough.  So, ever the creative sewist, I made the skirt from 3 separate sections - 1 front and 2 backs.  This made it really easy to insert a zip in the centre back!

I elasticated the waistband for a more flexible fit.

When I cut out the fabric circles, I used the selvage as the edge of the fabric.  This meant that I didn't have to finish off the inner seams as it had already been done for me. 

It also meant that the polka dot pattern matched across the seam beautifully!  I meant that to happen (ahem!)

 I love making these skirts - they look so effective!


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