Thursday, 5 September 2013

Curtain tie backs and beach bags!

My husband had bought me some rope tie-backs.  As you do.  They were really chunky and were perfect for a bag handle especially as they were made out of cotton rather than a synthetic material - so much softer on the hands!

I knew I wanted to make a beach bag, so I did a little research and stumbled upon the perfect pattern.  I even had some stripy IKEA fabric with which to make it!

I love all things navy and white; the nautical look is one I adore!

I even added a gold anchor button to the pocket.

As for those chunky rope handles, I had fun and games trying to figure out how they were going to stay on the fabric.  I ended up dismantling the end of the rope which had a funny little wooden acorn thingy at the bottom.  I then sewed the loop (which dangled from the bottom of the tie-back) onto some fabric over and over.  It wasn't going anywhere, I can tell you! 

Only then did I sew this fabric into a pocket which was attached to the bag.

You'd be surprised how much weight those handles can now take!  Mind you, towels and sun cream don't weigh that much, do they?!


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