Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another Roman blind

Many moons ago I took an evening class in soft furnishings.  That's the only formal training I have had.

I adored our teacher as she believed that nothing was impossible and that everybody could sew.  If I remember correctly, she had us making piped cushions as our first project!

One of the other items we made was a Roman blind. 

I loved being able to imagine how everything would fit together.  It was big fun.

I took extensive notes on how this was made - as I always do.  I love flicking through my notes every now and then.  The blind that I made after this one can be found here.

This blind has never been used.  It's sitting in my 'look, this is what I've made' box.

It reminds me of a time when we used to have a fabric shop in our town; when I used to frequent it regularly; when I felt the glimmer of the *perhaps sewing is for me* thought.

I still remember my teacher and what a great attitude she had.  I know she was right!!

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