Friday, 17 February 2012

Ocean duvet covers

I love everything to do with the ocean. 

Beach, ocean surf, waves, rockpooling, bodyboarding  - you name it - if it's connected to the ocean then I adore it!

So when I came across a preloved duvet cover with cute ocean creatures on it, it just had to come home with me.

It didn't stay as a duvet cover for very long though.  I needed some new pyjama bottoms but I couldn't find the right ones for me.

And then I had an idea. 

What if I were to cut up my old bottoms, make a pattern and then create some new ocean pyjama bottoms?

Well, here they are!

They fit like a dream, are totally comfy and fun to lounge around in.

I also reused the buttons from the bottom of the duvet cover on the front of the pyjamas.  I try my best to incorporate as much of the original item into my refashions.

I also used ocean coloured threads throughout with a different shade both top and bottom.  It's the little details like that that I love having fun with!

And the best bit is that I have quite a lot of duvet cover left over.

I'll let you know what I end up making!

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