Friday, 18 November 2011

Bags and repairs

My daughter takes a fab bag to school - it's like a soft satchel really.  It looks like leather, but it's only pretending!

But she has to carry so many books to school that the handle pulled out.

I mended it a couple of times before I decided that I had to overhaul the bag.

So it would seem that I now do bag repairs too!

I found some similar fabric at the fabric shop but it was either beige or chocolate brown.  That was a step too far.

So I chose something similar in colour but slightly different in texture.  It's very soft and almost velvety but it looks really hard-wearing.

First of all I took the side panels out and replaced both of them.

Then I replaced the inner rim as that had pulled apart too.

Hopefully this should hold it for a while!

And now I've pulled it apart and seen the inner gubbins, I know how to make a bag just like this one <grin>!

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