Monday, 31 October 2011

Dog coats and Barbie fittings

Ever the excitable sewist, a friend asked me if I would make her dog a coat to keep her warm in the winter.  Sure, I'll have a go, says I.

I thought, hey, how difficult can it be??  Um, you might say that I learned LOADS!!

But, not to be deterred, I beavered away armed with scissors, parchment paper, URLs, measurements and an idea of what it could possibly look like (if I'm really lucky!).  A prototype made from fleece crossed the Atlantic first and even Barbie's dog had a fitting before the final coat was conceived.

And I've never even owned a dog before, so that made for some interesting 3D experiments!

And here is the end result. 

One warm pup who loves nothing better than to sleep with her new coat - that's one of the greatest compliments there is :)

The cord outer fabric was preloved and the fleecey interior was made from, well, warm orange fleece!

Here's hoping that the coat keeps her as warm as intended!

And it's totally reversible too - well, the things you learn as you go along LOL! ;)

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