Sunday, 14 August 2011

Car boot sale finds

You'd think you'd find something good at a car boot sale with over 300 cars right?

Well, I did find a couple of magazines with patterns in and a piece of wonderful fabric (William Morris print which I've already used for a skirt and bag - I put that back LOL!)

Feeling jaded, the very last car boot that I peered into came up trumps.  It contained a couple of large bags of material with a £1 sign on them.  Interested, I raked through the off-cuts to see what was on offer.  The seller saw my interest and told me that her daughter had studied fashion design at university and was now a designer with Toast (I must look them up!)  The material was all her project work leftovers.

I picked up some lime silk (enough to make a couple of scarves), lengths of black ribbon (always comes in handy), navy wool coating, thick black stretchy material (skirt maybe?) and heaps of other wonderful goodies.  I had an absolute armful!

And she charged me just £2 for the lot.

She made my day!

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