Friday, 14 March 2014

Tip: What to wear when sewing

As I'm pretty much self-taught, I thought I would share a few (hopefully!) helpful tips that I have discovered along the way.

So, what have I discovered about what's best to wear when I sew?

Always wear something comfortable
I have tried the 'really tight jeans' approach, but it just hurts.  I do tend to sew with my left leg underneath me (no idea why!) and leggings are ideal for this.  They allow for a full range of movement.  As do t-shirts.  You don't want to be impeded by the clothing you wear.

When serging, wear a skirt
I hadn't given 'sewing clothing' a lot of thought until recently when I was using my serger (did I tell you I have a serger??  Ooooh, something else to post about!).  I was wearing a maxi skirt and the bits that were being cut off the costume were just falling into my lap and being caught without creating a huge pile of debris on the floor.  So I will definitely be using that method next time I have a lot of serging to do.

Don't wear a scarf
Having a scarf all snarled up in your sewing machine is not a good look.  Not that I've done this particular one. 

Always.  Either late at night or first thing in the morning.  Or even a lazy Sunday.  Pyjamas are the business!

Underwear is perfect
And yes, I have sewn whilst wearing underwear.  Now that IS comfortable!  But you can get bits of thread everywhere.  And I'd only recommend it in warm weather.

Long sleeves when sewing net
Always wear long sleeves when sewing tutus - that net stuff is really, really sharp!

Bare feet
For some reason, it always feels better using a bare foot on my pedal.  Not so much a tip as an observation!

So what do you wear when you sew?  I'd love to know!



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  1. Hi Selena!
    I laghed a lot with this post! Since I was a teenager that I also have sitted down with my left leg underneath me, because I'm "petite" (5,15 foot) and the table tops were high!
    This post has many good tips for a novice sewer like me! Thank you!
    Kisses from Portugal!