Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rosey rosey

It's amazing what you can find through local Facebook selling groups.  I originally bought a different preloved dress to this but was asked if I would like this one too.

Oh yes please!!!

When I got it home I realised that it wasn't shop bought and that somebody had made it with love - which made it even more special in my eyes.  Think of the history of the dress.  Where it's been.  Which little girl twirled around in it.  Love it! 

As it seemed very weddingy I decided to make a clutch bag from it, incorporating the rose decoration too.  If I can find a way to use up the little bits and bobs which make something unique, I will.

I also added a strap.

As there wasn't quite enough fabric to line it as well, I used some preloved sheet for the interior.  I think it goes rather splendidly, don't you?

It was topped off with a matching baby blue zip and - ta-dah! - ready for its first outing!



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