Friday, 17 May 2013

Going to a wedding...

I'm going to a wedding next Saturday - talk about excited!!

I sorted out my dress many moons ago.  And my shoes.  But there was something missing...

...a bag!

I thought, I know, I'll have a look around this weekend and see what I can find in the shops.

And then it dawned on me.  What a doofus!  I can MAKE a clutch bag to carry my confetti/tissues/camera/keys...

But what to make it out of?  *Rifles through red fabric stash dramatically*

Aha!  Got it!  A preloved burgundy velvet scarf would look particularly wonderful.

So I cut and interfaced and padded and zipped and sewed my little heart out.  And this is the end result:


I lined it with red polka dot fabric.  I find that a girl can never have enough polka dots in her life!

So I'm even more excited about the wedding now!

And I also have a prom dress that I am considering making a similar clutch bag out of. 

I do so love it when you can keep your memories alive with fabric :)


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