Saturday, 23 June 2012

Refashioned William Morris skirt made from curtains

Have you ever found an item of clothing which you adore, is flattering on you and you just want to wear different versions of again and again?

Yep?  Me too!

I have a great denim A-line skirt that I love wearing and I was on the look-out for some fabric to recreate another one.

So when I found some fabulous William Morris curtains in a charity shop I knew I'd found it!

And here is the resulting skirt...

As I only had my original skirt to follow I had loads of fun figuring out how to piece everything together. 

For me, that's one of the best parts of sewing - learning how to make something that fits 'just so' and to my own specifications.  I also love being able to create something unique.

The skirt itself was made up of four equal panels.

And had a deep waistband.

It was finished off with a zip and hook and eye fastening. 

It fits perfectly and I  often wear it with a blue top and boots.   And it always makes me happy!


  1. Wow! It came out great, and I love the fabric!

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